Control and Conquer

Master your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Environment

Are you ready to effortlessly clean up Microsoft 365 sprawl and set your tenant up for future success?Together we will make this a reality with innovative insights and exceptional results in a single day

How this works.

Pretty simple.

I spend a day with you, giving you insights into the state of play with your current Microsoft Teams and SharePoint environment. You get unlimited access to me, Daniel Anderson (Microsoft MVP) for strategy and advise as well as insights like:

  • Active and Inactive workspaces
  • Ownerless workspaces
  • Workspaces with guuests
  • Workspace activity overview
  • Test or Temporary Workspaces
  • + more

Together we create Archival and or Renewal Policies, we execute those policies.

Outcome: You have successfully Controlled and Conquered

Cost: $1K USD

1. Analyze

First, it is essential that we stake stock of your current environment. What are we deailing with?

2. Deliver Insights

Once we know what we have, then we can decide what to do with what we have. Knowledge is power. We now have the power!

3. Execute

Now that we have decided, let’s EXECUTE. Finally controlling and conquering the beasts that are Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

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Control and Conquer